New skin, new me – The skincare concierge service

Hey makeup lovers! A few weeks ago I had a new experience – a skincare concierge service.  Intrigued by the concept I was excited about trying it out. Here’s what happened..

The day of my appointment arrived and Chloe the lovely lady from Skin Oracle came with a number of big bags – exciting!  In my lounge she set up a portable light machine and after removing my makeup took photos of my face.  I would happily share the photos with you however, I’m pretty certain they would scare small children!

Chloe explained what each photo meant and pointed out issues with my skin.  What I learnt was that regardless of how many hours sleep I got each night, only drinking sufficient water would help reduce the dark circles under my eyes.  It was a lovely surprise to learn that my skin was actually in pretty good shape for my age.  Also, I don’t have as much sun damage as I imagined I may have after spending a number of years abroad as a child and not being that particular about wearing an SPF every day in the UK.

Once I’d recovered from looking like a horror story in those photos, Chloe explained what treatment she would recommend.  I was in for a treat – I needed a facial peel as more traditional methods of exfoliation (scrubs) were too harsh for my skin which was causing some of my problems.

Out to her car she popped and came back with a rather comfy portable bed, which she set up in my lounge.  It would have been a relaxing treatment however, Buster my dog had other ideas and spent much of the following 20 minutes jumping up and barking! All kudos to Chloe though she wasn’t put off by hi and even thought it was funny!

If you’ve never had a peel before it feels like you’ve got a face full of nettle stings.  The product isn’t on long – only 2 minutes in this case and then a further minute while it was neutralised.  Then a really comforting moisturiser was applied.

Since then my skin has felt and looked amazing but more of that in a minute!

Chloe gave me a number of pointers before she left and said she would send a few samples in the post for me to try.

Its been two weeks since the treatment and I’ve had a week of using the samples – a prescription blended moisturiser and cleaner specific to my skins needs and a tube of Heliocare SPF.  As the moisturiser had vitamin A in it I was advised by Chloe that I should wear an SPF hence the tube of Heliocare. I’m still delighted at how my skins looks and feels.  After 1 mini treatment my skin is clear, smooth and soft.  Makeup goes on better and stays on longer.  I’ve found using the SPF easy and not the chore I expected as the Heliocare helps leave your skin soft and doesn’t have that usual sunblock kind of smell.

So what did I think of the whole concierge service?  I loved it!  What a treat having someone come to your home to provide a service usually found in a skin care clinic.  Chloe was really knowledgeable and friendly.  And then to have prescription blended skincare tailored specifically for the needs of my skin – amazing!  This experience completely changed my perception of skin care clinics.

My advice would be if you are getting married or just want to take better care of your skin then give it a whirl, you’ve got nothing to loose and great skin to gain!



Wedding day skin worries

Every bride I meet usually wants their skin to look beautiful on their wedding day.  Whether that’s achieving a luminous glow, concealing dark circles,  covering up blemishes or reducing shine.  Well I’ve been on a quest for the last 18 months to test out the various skin care regimes the high street has to offer.

First let me share my skin issues.  I have dry patches on my face, dark circles under my eyes and deep-ish lines on my forehead.  As I’m ageing I think I’m losing skin tone and after years of sunny holidays I’m starting to wonder if I’ve got any skin damage.

I’ve tried moisturisers and cleansers from various brands such as Lacurna from Aldi, NSpa, Dr Organics, Liz Earle, L’oreal, Olay, Boots No 7, Steam cream, Clinique, Simple and Soap & Glory among others.  I’ve also tried Evening Primrose Oil and Olive Oil.  You name it, I’ve probably put it on my face all in the pursuit of great skin!

Whilst most of these products provided a level of moisturisation, they didn’t always leave my skin feeling clean and often the cleansers left my skin feeling even drier.  I started to get blemishes and my skin just looked dull.  Well I’d had enough.  I read an article which spoke about Dermalogica and its free skin analysis – I’m a sucker for a freebie!  So one Sunday afternoon I headed to my local Dermalogica counter to have my skin scrutinised.  The assistant donned a scientific looking magnifying visor and a pair of sterile gloves and really had a good look at my skin.  To my delight she advised that the issues I had could be dealt with easily, that I’d little sun damage and had good skin tone.  Hurrah!  I was then invited to try a range of products that they would suggest would help get my skin back into tip top condition.  The explanation was simple, the products lovely, the result even lovelier and amazingly no sales pitch!

With my face chart in hand and a few free samples to try at home I toddled off pleased with my experience.  For the rest of the day, I kept checking my face in the mirror and touching my skin expecting dry patches to appear but low and behold they didn’t until after I’d stopped using the free samples. I was delighted.

So I decided to book myself in for a 20 minute treatment with a view to buying some of the products afterwards.  Don’t get me wrong Dermalogica products aren’t cheap but the quality of results speak for themselves, plus you only need a small amount of product so the bottles last a long time.  While I was there I booked myself in for the special 60 minute treatment (£60) offer running in April, the cost of the treatment is redeemable against purchases, plus I got another free gift and some more free samples because I’d spent over £60!  Free stuff = happy makeup artist.

I’ve been using the Dermalogica products for about 3 weeks now and can see an improvement in my skin.  It looks fresh and healthy, the dry patches are almost gone, the blemishes reduced, the lines on my forehead have softened and my dark circles are slowly improving.

I’m not saying that these products will work miracles but my skin definitely feels smoother and more youthful and who doesn’t want that.

Get yourself down to your local Dermalogica counter and see the results for yourself!