Idea Overwhelm

Hello there!

Today, I wanted to chat a little bit about information or idea overwhelm.

It’s super exciting being engaged and planning your wedding but with so many blogs, magazines and apps like Pinterest and Instagram, you can soon be bombarded with ideas and opinions and not know which way to turn.

So when I speak with brides about their wedding hair and makeup, I find it really useful to get them to think about how they want their hair and makeup to make them feel on their wedding day.  Forget about all of the pretty images and concentrate on how you really want to feel, deep down inside.  Think about how you want to feel when you reminisce about your wedding day in 10 years time.

Some of the themes that often come up are pretty, confident, I can forget about it, I want to feel like me, amazing, timeless, beautiful, relaxed etc.

From this I can probably assume that you want your makeup to feel great (not like a mask), you want tot look like you have amazing skin and want to keep things pretty natural. With your hair you want it to be polished but not tight or too done. And you don’t want to worry that it might fall out or drop on the day.

Does that sound a bit like you? How much easier was it to think about that, rather than wading through hundreds of photos of stunning models, that have been photoshopped?

Once you have identified the feeling, its then much easier to look at a few images and pin point what exactly about that photo you love.  If its the fullness of the brows, then it’s easier to show me a photo of full, fluffy brows etc if that’s your thing. Through this process of elimination we can identify a look that you aspire to.

Always try to keep in mind that that your wedding hair and makeup shouldn’t be an exact replica of a look you have seen elsewhere, the image should be used as inspiration so you can make it all your own.

Hopefully, these tips can help you feel in control of your decisions and make your bridal styling the positive, fun and happy experience it should be.

Natalie x




I’m getting married but I don’t wear makeup – help!

Does this sound like you?

You’re an au natural kind of girl. Your makeup bag probably contains about 4 or 5 items, which have lingered in the bottom of your bag for a good few years, and only get an outing every time you know you’ve really got to make an effort.

Having a bridal makeup trial scares the bejeezus out of you. You’re worried that you’ll look or feel caked in foundation, look too old, too orange, like you’re wearing a mask, or not like you. And the thought of finding a suitable makeup artist fills you with dread.

Well fear not, in the next few minutes I’m hopefully going to take care of your fears, put your mind at rest and turn what feels like a scary experience into something positive. So here’s how to survive choosing a wedding makeup artist and having a bridal makeup trial.

The first thing you need to do is breathe, grab a cuppa and do some research. Ask friends who have recently married for a recommendation – that’s if you liked how they looked on their wedding day!

If that’s not possible then you need to start looking at websites for makeup artists in your area. Each artist, whilst being able to create almost any look you want, will have a signature style. Spend some time looking through these websites and I mean really look, to get a feel for this. Check out the real brides and not just the styled inspirational shoots. If you want to see more photos of the bride, so you can see how well the makeup lasted throughout the day or night, then pop over to the photographers website too, they will have a lot more images than the half dozen on the makeup artists website.

Ok you have your shortlist of artists whose style most reflects how you want to look on your big day. Again, breathe and pick up the phone. Give the people on your list a call, this helps you suss out their personality under the guise of checking their availability. You may even want to mention your nerves to understand how they empathise and help put your mind at ease.

Ok so the first big hurdle is over. You’ve found and booked a makeup artist and have scheduled your bridal trial. But you aren’t looking forward to the experience as much as you’d hoped.

At your trial explain your reservations and nerves to your makeup artist. I understand that for some ladies a bridal trial is a daunting thing and quite intrusive so always have a good old chinwag with you before I even pick up a brush to gain a better understanding of your needs, expectations and to share with you what I’m going to do. This helps you understand what products I’m using, how many and why and takes away some of the fear. At the trial you will get an idea of how the products are going to feel on your skin and how they can help create a polished version of your usual self. Also, if you’ve never worn false lashes before, it’s a chance to give them a try before your big day.

Having a bridal trial should be an exciting experience as you get to see how you will finally look on your special day. During my trials, I guide you through the process, explaining, reassuring and answering any questions along the way and with a bit of luck having some fun.

Most importantly, I prepare you for what you are about to see in the mirror. Now don’t start to panic. Remember you don’t normally wear makeup, so you will look different to how you look everyday. Hopefully, you’ll see flawless skin, defined eyes and luscious lips. Once you’ve had time to take in your new look, I’ll help you communicate how you feel about the beautiful version of yourself that you can see in the mirror.

Basically, relax, have fun, be honest and trust your makeup artist.

Want to find out how to get the most from your bridal trial? Then check my post here.

Natalie xx