3 steps to great lashes

The last full weekend before Santa arrives is almost here, so for those of you who are wanting to kill it in the style stakes here’s my quick guide to getting your lash on in 3 easy steps.

You’ve created your gorgeous party face (including mascara) and just need some lashes to complete the look.

Check the fit

Place the false lash over your own lashes to determine length. Trim any excess from the outer corner of the lash before moving onto the next step.

Get sticky

Using a Q Tip apply a tiny amount of glue (Duo glue is my favourite) along the lash line of the falsies.  Make sure you have enough glue on the ends to prevent peeling. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to go tacky. This is key, if your glue is too wet your lash will slip n slide.

Put them on

Using either your fingers or some tweezers, place the false lash over your own lashes.  I find it easier to start at the outer corner and then wiggle them around until you get the right position at the inner corner.

Ta da!  Lashes that you can flutter until your hearts content.


Game Changing Mascara

I have been searching for years, literally years, for a mascara that doesn’t smudge onto my skin each time I wear it.  My bottom lashes aren’t the problem, oh no, the mascara still manages to give me panda eyes from my top lashes!! I mean come on!  Seriously, whose lashes do that!?!  Mine apparently.

Anyway, I’ve tried everything from drug store to luxury brands, researched new formulas, tried different techniques, you name it I’ve tried it.  Even waterproof versions aren’t foolproof on these peepers.

So my last mascara Babydoll by YSL which had done a pretty good job at convincing me it could be the one when it suddenly went dry, crumbly and yep you guessed it gave me big black eyes. Sigh!

With renewed vigour I googled the life out of mascara formulations, recommendations from celebrity makeup artists, pretty much anyone and everyone.  I appeared to find the holy grail of mascaras for ladies like myself, then to my horror learned you could only buy it in USA unless I wanted to paid double luxury prices for a cheap drug store product.

Feeling a bit dismayed I headed into town for a much needed trip makeup shopping to replenish some key items for my kit. I swung by Space NK and while there I relayed my tale of woe to the assistant who was grabbing all of my purchases.  Without hesitation she asked if I’d tried Kevyn Aucoin’s mascaras.

I hadn’t so I was all ears.  The curling
mascara is formulated to shrink to the lash making it smudge proof, not crumbly basically everything thats been the bane of my mascara wearing life.  Also when you remove it it is a bit stretchy so takes a little more care to get it all off.

Well I’m in love with this mascara its bloody brilliant!  My lashes look healthy, long, with volume, not loads granted but enough for me.  But best of all it doesn’t move!  No smudges even in the heat or rain.  So super confident am I in the awesomeness of this mascara that my next challenge is to try it in the shower!  Wish me luck x