Products that go Pow!

I’m tired. Scratch that – I’m knackered and I look it. I’m time poor since becoming a new mum and I needed a new makeup routine that would make me look a million pounds when I felt more like 5p!

Here are a few of my holy grail products which I wouldn’t be without now.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation. I actually went to trial their Healthy Mix Foundation which a lot of pro makeup artists carry in their kit but I got side tracked by this little bottle. It claims that it corrects and conceals all blemishes and last 16 hours. 2 months later and I’m really happy with this foundation. It has a light to medium coverage and leaves your skin looking matt so no need for powder unless you are really oily. It evens out my skin and even goes part way to covering the blackest dark circles you’ll ever see. As for the 16 hr claim well I can only vouch for 15 hrs as I’m usually in bed by the 16th hour!

Amazing Cosmetics, Amazing Concealer, from M&S. In a word – its AMAZING! It comes in about 12 shades so you stand a pretty good chance of getting one that works for you. And it covers everything. No more colour correcting before applying concealer, I just whack on a teeny tiny amount with a small brush and hey presto I suddenly look like I’ve had a good 12 hrs rest. If you suffer with dark circles you need this product in your life.

YSL Baby Doll Mascara. I’ve always believed that you don’t need to spend lots on mascara as there are some brilliant high street brands about. But this has been my one indulgence, after getting a free sample. No clumping. Just full, long lashes.

Dr PawPaw Multipurpose Soothing Balm. This little tube of wonder balm can be used on pretty much anything and anywhere. Here’s just a few of the uses I have for it but I bet there are loads of others. Lip balm, emergency moisturiser, smoothing eyebrow hairs, softening cuticles, softening dry skin on hands, heels and elbows, smoothing dry flyaway hair or split ends, healing cuts and grazes.

These are just a few of my favourites, I’d love to hear about yours.





No more orange faces – brush hygiene

Just recently I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a number of ladies about the contents of their makeup bags and more specifically their makeup brushes.  Here’s what I found…

Average number of brushes in bag – 1 eyeshadow brush and 1 do everything else brush

Frequency of cleaning – twice a year or when I remember

Ladies, I know many of you are from Yorkshire and that we love value for money but you can make the cheapest makeup look great if you have a set of good quality brushes.  As with anything it is important to have the right tools for the job.  Now I’m not advocating that you must apply all of your makeup with a brush and never use anything else but there are certain times when nothing but a brush will do.  For example, your foundation will look flawless if buffed into your skin with a brush, eyeshadow blends like a dream if you have a fluffy little number to apply it.

With so many brushes on the market how do you choose?  Well my personal favourites are Real Techniques as they have flat bottoms and white tips so I know when they are clean plus they have some great starter kist that you can buy from Boots or Superdrug and earn points with.  Then there’s Space NK , their brushes are soft and don’t lose bristles easily.  But I also like to mix and match and select different brushes for different jobs.

Brush hygiene is really important.  On average we touch our faces around 2-4 times every minute.  Now that will include touching things like door handles and then touching our faces.  At some point you’ll put a makeup brush to your face, possibly picking up a few bugs along the way and then stuff said brush back into your makeup bag and so on…  Not a nice thought when put like that?!

At least once a week before bed give your brushes a good wash using warm water and either baby shampoo or antibacterial hand wash.  Leave your brushes flat to dry, do not stand upright as the water will soak into the handle and damage the brush.  In the morning your brushes should be dry and ready to use again.

Its also necessary to clean your brushes regularly to ensure that you are applying true colour to your face.  For example you may use a soft pink blusher and a bronzer on your face but apply it with the same brush.  With use the blusher will look the same as your bronzer on your skin as the stronger colour will dominate.  2 brushes. cleaned once a week = beautiful face.

Hopefully, this post has given you enough tips about brush hygiene and care to encourage you to start building your brush collection today – and no more orange faces from using one do everything brush!

If you’re not sure what to buy then get in touch I’d be happy to help.