A bit about me

Hello lovely, I’m so pleased you stopped by!

I’m Natalie.  I’m a busy wife and mum trying to squeeze looking and feeling great into the 10 minutes a day that is just mine!  Of course that’s in between walking Buster & Missy, my mini schnauzers (they are very friendly dogs who have no concept of personal space. They’ll be around when you visit my studio), doing the school run, taking photos of my husband for his IG feed (@RHP1971) and web site (www.heritagestandard.co.uk) as well as running two businesses.  To do all of this I need the juggling skills of a circus performer and the ability to negotiate like a member of the UN.  Usually, this is achieved with a smile on my face and a strong cup of tea in my hand.

I settled in Leeds, West Yorkshire in 2010 and whilst I love my home and my boutique makeup & hair studio, I still get those feelings of wanderlust.  Thankfully my work takes me and my trusty kit all over the UK and abroad.

I love working with women and enhancing a womans’ natural beauty, making you feel confident and amazing.  Its not just about fabulous makeup and hair, its about empowering women to feel strong and beautiful and to look stunning in the process.