Anna was on the cusp of launching her new business Authentic Nutrition in York and knew the importance of having great images to use across her website and marketing.  Anna was really clear on the direction she wanted for her personal branding shoot and multiple locations were selected to provide an honest reflection of the business values which were to provide practical lifestyle solutions that are simple and easy to follow.

On the day of the shoot it was pretty breezy and chilly, and as most of the shoot was taking place outside we had a challenge on our hands.  I provided hair and makeup for the shoot, I helped Anna select her clothes ensuring she achieved a cohesive wardrobe of items that kept the same feel throughout and I was on hand throughout the shoot to make any adjustments.

Olivia Brabbs took these superb shots and her awesome knowledge of the Bishy Road area of York meant that we got to use some cool locations as backdrops.

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