Brilliant Bridal Trials

Getting married is a hugely exciting time in the life of any lady and your bridal trial should be a fun and joyous occasion. Want to make sure that your bridal trial goes brilliantly? Then read on..

Timing is everything. Too early and you may change your mind, too late and you may not be 100% certain of your choices. I recommend scheduling your trial 6-12 weeks before your wedding day. By this point you should have a good idea of what styling you would like and have all of the accessories to complement this. Where possible schedule your trial before your dress fitting so you can see how the whole look works together.

Choosing a hair and makeup style is a very personal thing and needs to incorporate aspects of your personality so that your groom recognises you at the end of the aisle. There are so many images out there, I could get lost in Pinterest for hours, and sometimes it can all feel a bit overwhelming. In that case ask me what I think. I have a lot of experience working with different brides and I keep an eye on the catwalk to ensure I keep up to date with current trends, which can then be incorporated into stunning bridal looks.

Bring images of hair and makeup styles you like and those that you don’t along with a photo of your dress to your trial. It is so much easier to communicate to me what you like and don’t like if you are able to show me a photo, as your version of natural will be different to that of another bride.

I usually suggest that you wear a white or light coloured top to your trial.  The combination of light and the white will provide the most accurate example of how your makeup and hair will look on the day. If you don’t have a white top then a white towel or pillowcase will work just as well.

Lighting is really important, so I prefer to schedule my trials during day light hours to ensure that I get the best from our appointment. Lighting at home or in hotels can cast shadows, and yellow tones, which can change the look and colour of your makeup.

Bring any accessories with you to your trial as these can also affect the look of your hair and makeup. Strong accessories may need fuller lashes or stronger colours to emphasise your look. Still haven’t decided? Then bring a couple of options with you so you can see which works best.

And finally, be honest and open to ideas. Before I start any trial appointment, I spend time building a relationship with you. I ask lots of questions to learn more about you, your usual hair and makeup style, your wedding plans etc. This helps us get to know each other better, after all having your makeup done can be quite intrusive and requires a lot of trust between artist and bride.

Hopefully, this short guide will help you understand what to expect at your trial to ensure it goes brilliantly.  But if you still have any concerns then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy wedding trials everyone! x


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