Jane and Graham’s Black, White & Purple Wedding

The very lovely Jane married Graham at the end of May at the Met Hotel in Leeds.  When I first met Jane and she told me all about her colour scheme for her wedding and how she wanted everything purple including her eyeshadow, I was excited about the potential for this bride.  Although traditions were followed, Jane, Graham and their families put their own spin on the day.  From having purple ribbon on the wedding car, to Jane wearing a black fascinator, black sparkly Irregular Choice shoes and a black and purple garter.  On the morning of her wedding day I arrived just as the family were clearing away the breakfast they had just shared.  Everyone was excited so I quickly set about curling the bridesmaid / photographer’s hair.  Once that was completed, I started one Jane’s hair and makeup.  We settled on curling her hair with straighteners and pinning it to one side to show off the fabulous black fascinator she was wearing.  We did go with purple eyeshadow but kept the tones muted so as not to over power Jane’s lovely face and look dated.  Once all of the preparations were complete the next job was for Jane to get dressed. Jane’s mum was due to be on lacing duty however, she was so nervous she couldn’t bring herself to do it so it fell to me and her bridesmaid to lace her in.  Once in her dress, her black lace collar in place and shoes on, Jane jumped up and down in excitement and had the biggest smile on her face.  Her delight was so infectious it made me want to get married myself all over again.


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