Anita and Andrew’s Anglo / Hungarian knees up

Anita and Andrew married at Scruton church and partied until the small hours at Ripley Castle with a mish mash of English and Hungarian customs.  Arriving at the Boars Head Inn on the morning of their wedding day after a quick dash to the local supermarket to buy another vest following a coffee related accident, I was greeted by Anita with a hug and a kiss and a sigh of relief that I would calm her down.  We had a busy morning of hair and makeup, zipping people into dresses, ushers and groomsmen getting changed in the bathroom, lacing up dresses, putting on shoes and doing makeup by sign language as not everyone spoke English.  There was much laughter and merriment and clicking of cameras by Ian from Scarlet Ribbon.  It’s not every day one of my brides tells me she loves me but that is the beauty of Anita all over.  She is such a kind, caring, sweet soul and it was a pleasure to be part of her special day.


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