Katy & Phil’s wedding at York Maze

I met Katy & Phil at a friends house party about 2 years ago but it was Xmas last year that I learnt of their engagement and plans to get married 3 months later.  Over a few glasses of wine Katy and I bonded over her impending nuptials and my recent wedding.  After that it was agreed that I would create Katy’s wedding makeup for her and her bridesmaids.  We went for a soft smokey eye in a range of warm brown and rose gold tones and added a few false lashes at the corners of her eyes – I think I now have a false eye lash convert!  Each of the bridesmaids had a smokey eye in similar colours to ensure they complemented Katy.

The wedding preparations were taking place at a gorgeous serviced apartment in York City Centre, all of the bridal party were relaxed and calm but eagerly anticipating the service and all of the girls were just so happy that Katy and Phil were finally tying the knot!

Phil had bought Katy a really thoughtful gift for the wedding morning and her eyes sparkled at the thought of becoming his wife later that day.

It was delightful hearing all of the personal touches that Katy and Phil had woven into their day, from Katy’s brother being her chauffeur to York Maze and decking out his VW van with ribbons, to Katy wearing a shawl made by her Grandmother and their first dance as husband and wife being to the first record they had ever danced to – probably not your traditional slow dance but a song that held a lot of meaning to them.

I can’t wait to see the photos!


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